Residential Repairs

Investment Property Repair and Tenant Turn Services

Residential Turn Key ServicesWhen properties are rented and are ready to turn, trust SGF to provide professional repair services to get each property ready to show and ready to rent in a quick and cost-effective manner. Although each situation is unique, SGF’s experience shows that the following services are most commonly expected for residential make-ready projects:

Interior Repairs

  • Debris removal
  • Painting/drywall repair
  • Caulking/grout
  • Floor cleaning and possibly replacement
  • Full interior cleaning
  • New blinds
  • Bathroom fixture replacement
  • Smoke/Co2 detector replacement/batteries
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Minor repairs/touch ups

Exterior Repairs

  • Minor exterior repairs
  • Refresh landscaping, mow, add mulch, trim bushes, etc.
  • Pressure wash home, driveway, walkways

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